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The Digital Magazine format is a perfect pairing of technology and your information. So much better and much more contemporary than a PDF.  Presentation matters and look how these samples present and hold your attention.

Note - The magazine can make use of VIDEO right in the book.  Also products can link directly to your web store.

Mitchell Stump - Thoughts On Member Retention And Increased Revenues

When the leading tax consultant in the entire private club industry, Mitchell Stump takes the time to create a specific article on the need to improve member golf skills in order to retain and energize the club membership base - Something important has shifted within the industry.  Click the Magazine below to see his digital article.

Jan Bel Jan - Introducing "Scoring Tees"  Improved Players = Stronger Golf Clubs

This excerpt from a featured article from the PGA Magazine details the extraodinary benefits of creating a course within a course by building a special set of "Scoring Tees".  As President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects - ASGCA, Jan Bel Jan knows a thing or two about how course design can help improve the game and golfers. Creating better players is the same as creating better members. They play more, spend more and stay members longer than those who struggle with their games. Click below to learn more from this industry leader.


Motorized Television Art Covers

Framed moving art to cover those unsightly flat screen televisions in private homes and clubs.  Your favorite art hangs as room decor until you press a button and it reveals your entertainment center.  Now this is slick.

Note - This digital magazine makes multiple use of videos in the magazine to help visualize the product functions.

CollegeBound Plans - Guaranteed Tuition Scholarships For Families

A tremendous program to help families with guaranteed scholarships up to 25% of a student's tuition for every year of College.  400 Colleges are looking for quality students . . . are you one?

Article - Making The Most of Your Fall Photo Shoot

A white paper by 2X National Golf Photographer of the Year - John R. Johnson on getting the most out of your Fall Shoot and color.  An excellent demostration on how you can improve your communications to clients and members. Easy to disseminate, just eMail a link to the page online - Instant and direct sharing.

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