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Far beyond just eMail messages, Golf eMailer (Classic Basic) and CommPlus (Advanced Features) are my personal brands that are both powered by Vertical Response, a leader in eMail programs nationwide.


It is so much MORE than just sending eMails, we have added Social Media connectivity, Surveys, RSVP capabilities, free Landing Pages and much more to their incredible platform which includes hundreds of free templates and a huge free image library.  Regular no-cost webinars help my clients to stay abreast of current hot trends in communications. VIP Customer support is live via our dedicated 800 number 7 days a week!



All Golf eMailer and Comm Plus clients will receive special lifetime Discounts on all of Vertical Response’s Regular Pricing – a special perk for my Golf Industry friends.  Using my brand(s) is CHEAPER  than opening a stand-alone account directly with Vertical Response yourself, plus you are automatically elevated to VIP status with your account.  This is a very unique opportunity to upgrade your communication platform.


Choose Two Payment Plans:

  1. Pay-As-You-Go        1.5 cents to .075 cent each - Pre-Pay for credits and only send when you want. Perfect for smaller clients who do not need to mail weekly or monthly.

  2. Unlimited Monthly   $11.00 to $55.00 Monthly - Pay a set fee per month depending on size of your database. Send as much as you want - No Limits.

Professional eMails and robust templates make it easy to DIY.  All programs come with complete post-send reports on sends, opens, clicks and analytics on every mailing. My clients and I have been personally using this program for years and it has been key for communication to members and our customers.


Actual eMails Produced By J2 Golf . . .

Two Dynamic eMail Programs

Turn thoughts into action

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       "If you want something new . . .


. . . You have to stop doing someting old."


Peter Drucker

Glen Abbey Golf Club, Canada

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. . . Or By Clients Themselves

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