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Many of you already know John R. Johnson by the images he has created for public, private and commercial use. His client and project list is like a who’s, who of the golf world. (See Course List Below)  John and his team has either photographed or designed many of the collateral projects you have seen in the world of golf.


As one of the nation’s premier golf photographers and golf marketing experts, John has had the opportunity to travel throughout the world – Asia, Europe, Caribbean and North and Central America, visiting renowned golf facilities, clubs, events and resorts, logging countless miles, recording hundreds of thousands of images and creating stories for his clients.   


He is a veteran of several book projects such as “Golf Courses of the PGA Tour” with George Peper, the annual USGA Calendars, major golf magazine coverage, Ryder Cup, US Men's and Woman's Open Program Covers and the Successories motivational golf poster line that primarily feature his photography.  A misty morning or a blazing sunset . . . that is where John is most at home.

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golf is important - But a club is far more than Just Golf . . .

Because we build websites, digital magazines, paper membership brochures, direct mail campaigns, eNewsletters and even drone flyovers, we know that while the course photography is incredibly important, the club amenities and member facility is equally as important.  If you are tasked with telling the "Story" of the club.  Dynamic images of BOTH Club and Course in early AM and PM light are imperative to any club who hopes to tell their story and attract play or membership.

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Coeur D'Alene Resort Course, ID

Image & Design in One House - Huge Advantage

Digital Magazine Hole Tours & Drones - A Step Above

gallery/illahee pool

San Juan Oaks Clubhouse at Twlight, CA

Illahee Hills CC Pool at Dawn, OR

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Drones Are An Important Part of A Contemporary Image . . .

A Feaure Presentation - Gulfstream Park Racing - Florida

A drone hole tour is really one of the best uses of the technology. Done right with still images, graphic hole information and a dramatic presentation.

A Drone Hole Tour - Venice Country Club - Florida